The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers, Rumors: Could Maggie Be Pregnant?

Recent reports have insinuated that one of the members of the cast on The Walking Dead, AMC's hit zombie drama, may be pregnant in the show's upcoming Season 5.

June 7, The Spoiling Dead Fans state, "Apparently there is a 'popular AMC show' that is currently being filmed and are in need of an 'old model sonogram machine'. While they do not state which show it's for, they do state 'around Atlanta' and they will rent the machine for the days needed during the episode filming. A hospital, army tents and now a sonogram machine? Maggie anyone? More as we get it."

Additional information comes in the form of filming locations, as "The Walking Dead" crew was seen setting up camera equipment around a hospital. However, the validity of this statement is under scrutiny, many fans resist the temptation to believe the rumor until they are certain of it by means of disclosure, or viewership of the show.

Another reason why some viewers may be inclined to believe that Maggie will be pregnant in the upcoming Season 5, is because of its occurence in the comic book version. While Maggie is known to readers of the comic book as severely depressed and unstable (her attempted suicide due to grief), the pregnancy can give her reason to remain alive, and in turn keep Maggie (Lauren Cohan) on the show.

Confirmed news that Glenn Rhee will die in the next season leaves Maggie with the need for something to live for. A child to nurse and raise on her own may be the only thing keeping her going.

The Walking Dead Season 5 has already started filming in Atlanta, where accounts of big explosions and gunfire from the set were reported. Fans should also remain vigilant toward the upcoming trailer for The Walking Dead Season 5, information about the trailer's release date can be found here: Link