Worship Leader Christy Nockels' Album 'Let It Be Jesus' is a Wonderful Reminder to Surrender All to Christ [REVIEW]

Christy Nockels

Worship artist Christy Nockels is releasing her first live worship album, Let It Be Jesus, on April 28, and BREATHEcast was given the chance to preview the album before it launches.

Nockels is most known for helping lead worship at the Passion Conferences, and can be heard on the recently released Passion: Even So Come.

The album kicks off with the "Freedom Song," and with its uptempo feel and in unison clapping it is the perfect start to worship. "I will sing my God of your great love..." Nockels joyfully proclaims.

After flowing out of the slow worshipful ending of the first track, "My Anchor" comes in stunningly with light piano and guitar chords. "My anchor forever, my shelter within the storm...you're the rock I stand on." The words to this song are so powerful because they remind us that God's might will always be greater than our biggest struggles.

"Everything is Mine in You" feels sort of like an anthem march of worship. With the steady almost bordering a drum roll rhythm, and the "OoOo" part of Nockels, this song is sure to get everyone into the attitude of worship. The song just has the wonderful presence that makes it so moving.

Nockels then gets into the stunningly beautiful "The Wondrous Cross." The song speaks on the very reason God's people are saved - Jesus overcoming the grave and rising again.

"Let it Be Jesus" is another track where an entire venue can just lift their hands in worship and praise God at the top of their lungs. The namesake of the song rings out throughout the track as a simple reminder to just "let it be Jesus."

"Who Can Compare" features a fantastic guitar intro over pretty piano keys and keyboard chords. The lyrics, "No one compares to You my King/ No one compares to You my Lord/No one compares to You my friend/ I looked and I found and you're the one I needed all along...all I need is You Lord" is so relevant especially with Easter around the corner.

The next track, "Jesus, Rock of Ages," is a bit more stripped down and has a bit of a country twang to it with the guitars. The song as a great vibe and continues to show off the diversity of Nockels' worship.

"If You Never" picks up the tempo again as the band becomes alive with sounds. The message of the song is to look past the hectic parts of life and look to Jesus because He is "all I ever need."

Up next is "Leaning On You, Jesus" which continues with the theme of coming to Jesus in the "fiercest of storms." "The same grace that saved me is the same grace that keeps me," she sings. The big harmonies and build up toward the middle really stands out on this track as it breaks down into a lovely ballad of sorts.

"Find Me at the Feet of Jesus" is a soft track that is full of worship power. Those singing are opening their hearts and souls to be in the very presence of God and at the feet of Jesus. The piano arrangement to go along with the music is utterly beautiful.

"Wonderful name" has a huge arena feel to it that makes the listener feel like they are in the room with Nockels and the worship team. "There is power in Your wonderful name," is such a perfect way to finish off the album. At the end of the day, there is only power in God's name.

Christy Nockels
(Photo : Facebook: Christy Nockels)

Nockels brilliantly put together a worship album that cohesively points to the theme of Let It Be Jesus. The pattern throughout every song is surrendering to the most high that which is too much. Through praise and worship the body of Christ can become free, and that is what Nockels showcases so well.

Be sure to pick up the album when it drops on April 28.