'Wolverine 3' Rumors, News: Studio to Adapt 'Old Man Logan' Storyline?

Hugh Jackman plans to go out with a bang in his last reprisal of his signature Wolverine role. Its been confirmed that 'Wolverine 3' will be the last movie that the actor dons the claws in, however fans still don't know what comic book story the studio will adapt in the final chapter.

Its recently been rumored by Heroic Hollywood's El Mayimbe that Fox will be adapting the 'Old Man Logan' storyline for the third movie.

He reveals this news in a recent appearance of Popcorn Talk, although he cautions that this isn't yet confirmed.

"It's a rumor, not confirmed," he said. "I'm still looking into it."

The 'Old Man Logan' storyline tells a dark tale in the Marvel Universe where most of the major superheroes have died and the world has been overrun with villains. Logan, in his old age, has retired his hero role and settled for a complacent life with his wife and kids.

Critics argue that this could be a great place to end Jackman's lineage with this arc.

"As much as we're going to miss Jackman in the role, Old Man Logan could potentially be a great conclusion for him. It'd allow Jackman to bring the character to a natural endpoint, and could make use of the fact that Jackman himself has aged over that time even if his character barely has. Moreover, its futuristic setting would let Wolverine 3 stand on its own without getting too tangled up with Fox's other Marvel movies," writes Slash Film.

While the story does contain a lot of Marvel characters, it would need some rewriting, but the core could still remain the same. It would also take place in a world where most of the current X-Men characters wouldn't need to be included.

'Wolverine 3' is due for theaters on March 3, 2017.