Tyrese Gibson Facebook: Thousands Respond 'No' to the Fast and Furious Actor's Question, 'If God Were Still Here... Would He Update the Bible?'

Singer, Actor and Model Tyrese Gibson has been making the most of social media lately by using post and videos to share his views on life and God. He recently took to Facebook to ask followers for their reflections on The Bible and if they thought God would update His word to help with the "new levels" of devastation taking place in the world.

 Gibson is often passionate with his post and at times gets criticized for talking about God and Jesus while also using foul language to convey his message. 

He sets up his post by first addressing those that might be a bit more advanced than he is on the things of God. "To all of the overly sanctified folks please go easy!!!," he writes in fear of criticism. The successful Fast & Furious actor acknowledges on his post that he is a work in progress.

He goes on to enquire what his fans think about the Bible and Life in this century. "I am sitting here thinking!! If God were still here on earth physically with ALL of these 'modern day' 21st century issues and confusion and new levels of pain and destruction going on in our world... Would he update the bible.??," he writes.

 Gibson always hungry to find the answers for life's biggest issues as he states In his videos, Adds, "Would he give us updated clarity on marriages, family, social media, terrorism, and all of this spiritual warfare...??"

The Singer who just release music last year with fellow R&B singers Genuine and Tank now has over 11 million followers on Facebook and his followers immediately took to respond to him with their take on the matter.

Response after response almost every one of the thousands who shared had the same views on the question.

 "No He would not...The Bible was created to be for yesterday, today and forever..." one posted. Another added, "If you read carefully you would find all the messages needed to apply to us even today."

Many posts quoted directly from the Bible as people continued to flood Gibson's comment section.  

"Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. Matthew 24:35," another shared. One more stating, "No. There is nothing new under the sun. Bible clearly states this. If we learn not to our own understanding and ask God to reveal his word then we will receive clarity."

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