Troy Engle releases newest bluegrass single “Never Too Lost” co-written with Bill Whyte

Troy Engle - "Never Too Lost"
Troy Engle - "Never Too Lost" |

Nashville, Tenn. - Troy Engle just released his brand new Bluegrass single, “Never Too Lost.” The original tune will serve as the latest release from the Pennsylvania native’s forthcoming project Back Home, set for release later this year. World-class musicianship is on full display as Engle impressively performs every instrument and vocal heard on the recording. Fans can download and/or stream the full song HERE.

“Never Too Lost” is an upbeat journey from start to finish, perfectly captured by Engle and co-writer Bill Whyte. It emphasizes navigating life's struggles with steadfast positivity. Regardless of the obstacles, it's crucial to recall—you're never too astray to discover your path. Front and center are Troy’s powerhouse vocals, which showcase the award-winning singer/songwriter’s unique sound, accompanied by his one-of-a-kind storytelling. Listeners can also hear inspirations from other artists Troy Engle has shared the stage with over the years like Patty Loveless, The Isaacs, Larry Sparks, Buddy Jewell, Leon Russell and more.

“I was driving past a church one day close to my house, and saw the sign out front which said something like; ‘You’re never too far from God’, and I thought, yeah ‘you’re never too far and you’re never too lost,’” explains Engle. “So my pal Bill Whyte and I wrote it at our next writing session. I really like the mid tempo groove of the song, and I was excited that we wrote a song with the word Timbuktu in it!”

He adds, “Bill is really fun to write with, as he takes a tune to places I didn’t know they could go, and comes up with great ideas I would have never thought of. Bluegrass Gospel music is close to my heart, and I love singing and playing it. The song is a great reminder that there’s nowhere we can go, that God’s love can’t find us.”

The latest single is the follow-up to the previous “Outrun The Pain.” It went on to become a staple at Bluegrass radio, securing significant airplay on both terrestrial and SiriusXM radio. Music enthusiasts were treated to the initial taste of new music from Engle in mid-2023 with the forthcoming collection’s title-track, “Back Home.” It also marked Engle’s first release after officially signing with Pinecastle Records. Rest assured, there are plenty more surprises in-store for 2024, and it’s kicking off with the newest single release.

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