The Katinas release "The Kingdom Song" to Christian radio

The Katinas - "The Kingdom Song"
The Katinas - "The Kingdom Song" |

NASHVILLE, TN (February 27, 2024) – The Katinas, renowned for their emotive and uplifting Christian music, today announced the release of "The Kingdom Song" on Christian AC, Inspirational, and Praise & Worship radio formats. This song is the final release from their album "The Hymns," showcasing the band's dedication to themes of faith, unity, and love. "The Kingdom Song" holds a special place in the album, having been written and produced by the multi-talented Dan Needham.

Over the last year, The Katinas have methodically released one song each month from "The Hymns," culminating with the impactful "The Kingdom Song." This track serves as a vibrant call to worship, inviting believers and communities worldwide to unite under the banner of love and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Katina brothers — Sam, Joe, James, John, and Jesse — have infused their Samoan heritage and their mission of spreading hope and love into their music. "The Kingdom Song" is a prime example of this, encouraging listeners to join a global movement of worship aimed at fostering a world of compassion and unity.

"The Hymns" features a blend of traditional and modern hymns, alongside notable original compositions. Among them, "Cost of Forgiveness," a collaborative effort penned by Dan Needham, Cindy Morgan, and Scott Faircloff, stands out for its profound message and musicality. The album, available exclusively in digital format, represents The Katinas' commitment to delivering messages of faith and hope through their harmonious vocals.

As "The Kingdom Song" makes its debut on radio, The Katinas extend an invitation to all to experience the joy of faith through their music, fostering a legacy of love that transcends the confines of the album.

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