'Street Fighter 5' March Update: Capcom to Punish Rage-Quitters With Points Docking?

With the upcoming release of the much-anticipated "Street Fighter," it has been rage quitter will not be happy when they rage quit from the game.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, Capcom revealed that 30 players experienced docking in the League Points when they quit battles. In a statement, Capcom said that last week, they had penalized about 30 players in their system by docking their League Points, adding that players who logged into their account and saw that their LP and Rank had dropped considerably could consider it as a warning.

As per Capcom, they would be continuing to monitor those accounts in the coming weeks and would take further action if necessary. Also, the firm would be making a sweep per week, which are dependent on accounts in their system that had unusually increased disconnection rates, especially at the conclusion of each match. Additionally, this would reset their league points.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, the provision pertains to worst rage quitters with 80 to 90 percent disconnection rate. It has also been revealed that Capcom's system can now detect system abusers who rage quit, even without any visual evidences like videos. It has also been indicated that the server issue, in which some users could not be found in the Rival Search or immediately disconnected following Battle Lounge creation has been fixed.

As recommendation, Capcom suggests players to check and identify if remote ports are allowed on the personal computer and router, as it could aid with logging into the system.

Previously, EB Games Australia unveiled the exclusive "Street Fighter 5" Collector's Edition. As per its official website, the collection includes a "Street Fighter 5" PlayStation 4 game, bag, T-shirt, two character postcards, Ryu dog tag keyring, and two Ryu and M. Bison costumes. The said items are exclusive to Australia. 

"Street Fighter 5" has been released in Europe and North America on Feb. 16 and in Japan on Feb. 18. The game is for the PlayStation 4 and the PC. It will not be released for the Xbox One for the time being.