Story of Apostle Paul reaching next generation in new graphic novel

Graphic Novel on Beloved Apostle Paul | Pure Publicity

Author Mario DeMatteo says he was inspired to write a graphic novel about Paul the Apostle for young people after he survived a horrific accident at age 20 that left him permanently paralyzed.

DeMatteo, the founder of Bear Truth Collective, was a fan of "Star Wars" and "Lord of the Rings" growing up, but it wasn't until after he broke his neck in a freak accident in Costa Rica that he felt called to create similar kinds of stories. While recovering from the accident his faith in God was strengthened and DeMatteo felt led to create a children's ministry tool about Paul the Apostle, and that's what he did.

In his new graphic novel Paul, The ApostleDeMatteo created a colorful adventure that journeys through the book of Acts. Set in a futuristic world with cartoon characters, DeMatteo uses biblical values to share "the transforming power of redemption, Christ's example of compassion and love," and how "persecution of faith brings blessings." He also encourages younger generations to "pursue their life calling," similar to what he did after his accident by learning how to capitalize on his God-given passion to tell stories.