'Sims 4' New Expansion Pack Release Date News: Game Packs & New Features Launched via Origin

Avid 'Sims 4' players are in for a treat as game creators EA released the new expansion pack on April 2, which is now available for PC and Mac users via Origin.

Yes, it is true, the most awaited expansion has arrived and that is, several upgrades on the game including new works for the gamers' Sims as well as some few environment and outdoor activity upgrades.

The expansion pack is called the 'The Sims 4: Get to Work'. The expansion pack features new career paths for the gamers which is absolutely enjoyable. The career paths includes a doctor, a police man and a scientist.

The expansion packs were first announced last February and it has been confirmed to be now available finally. Users can enjoy being a doctor, operating on patients, delivering babies as well as treating patients. However Police Officers can investigate crime scenes, interrogate Sims as well as arrest criminals.

There are also new skills included in the expansion pack like baking, photography and even random things like searching for aliens. The Game Pack on the other hand which was launched in January 2015 introduces a new exciting destination.

The game pack offers an outdoor retreat where users can let their Sims travel to hike and even go camping. The Sims can do outdoor activities like stargazing, and go around the campfire to roast some delicious marshmallows.

Meanwhile there are more features included in both expansion and game packs which gamers can definitely enjoy.