Sight & Sound's 'Queen Esther' live broadcast to debut Sept. 4; lead actors talk being still in God

Queen Esther and King Xerxes played by actors, Jessica Brown and Justin Mazzella, 2020 | 130A

Sight & Sound Theatres is gearing up to present its first-ever live worldwide broadcast of "Queen Esther" and the production's lead actors shared with The Christian Post the impact that being still in God can have on everyone during uncertain times.

Some 434 performances of "Queen Esther" had been scheduled for its nine-month run in the 2,000-seat theater at Sight & Sound's studio in Pennsylvania before it was forced to halt the production after its premiere in March due to lockdown orders in response to the novel coronavirus. The show had sold over 550,000 tickets that were all refunded. 

The live performance will now be available to watch on Sight and Sound's new streaming platform on Sept. 4 at 7 p.m. Eastern time along with other stage productions by Sight & Sound Theaters on Labor Day weekend. 

The following is an edited transcript of CP's interview with lead actors Jessica Brown, who plays Queen Esther, and Justin Mazzella who portrays King Xerxes. The interview was at Sight & Sound Theaters back in March following their show's theatrical debut. Both actors shared how the theme of the production impacted them and how it might help others during this time. 

CP: "Be still" is a theme featured throughout this production. Can you talk about the importance of being still in these uncertain times?

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