Samsung Galaxy S6 Review, News: Specs, Features, Price & More for Latest Flagship Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has officially been launched out on to market and it's been pulling in good vibes among techies who have gotten their hands on it since April 10. On that note, everyone seems to be relieved with how extra-ordinary how the phone looks on the outside.

"The handset fashioned from glass, and sandwiched between them is a metal frame to give it the strength and durability of other similar-sized smartphones," writes Ewan Spense on Forbes. He further describes that around the device's frame are that the power button on one side while the volume button is on the other. Meanwhile, the usual: microUSB socket, headphone jack and the speaker on the bottom. Lastly, a very convenient ejectable nanoSIM card tray is located on the top edge

The 2K AMOLED Quad-HD screen also wows various magazines considering it as the best smartphone around. It is packed with 3GB worth of RAM with Samsung's very on octa-core Exynos 7 processor which comes in up to 128 GB storage. The camera is 16 MP with a F 1.9 aperture lens on the rear and 5 MP in the front.

"With the Galaxy S6 there are many significant improvements over the Galaxy S5 that we tested a year ago," writes Dr. Raymond Soneira as a conclusion on DisplayMate, "The most impressive are the increases in pixels per inch (from 432 to 577 ppi), higher pixel resolution (from 1920x1080 with 2.1 Mega Pixels up to 2560x1440 with 3.7 Mega Pixels), higher Absolute Color Accuracy (27 percent improvement), higher Peak Brightness (12 percent improvement), higher screen readability and Contrast in High Ambient Light (10 percent improvement), and higher display Power Efficiency (20 percent improvement). The screen size remains the same at 5.1 inches"

Meanwhile, the market is an all-time high for interested buyers, Samsung Galaxy S6 pricing depends entirely on where to the devices are available. Amazon lists the Galaxy S6 between $849.99 and $1,139.00 while the S6 Edge is priced between $1,050.00 and $ 1,335.00. Offers on ebay are as follows with the unlocked Galaxy S6 at $699.99 and as for Galaxy S6 Edge for $799.99 to $1,350.00. Unlocked 32GB Galaxy S6 prices would range between $949.99 up to $999.99 in Expansys, Overstock, Newegg and K-mart.