Rubin Carter Net Worth, Heirs: 'Hurricane' Boxer Falsely Accused of Murder Survived By Children Raheem and Theodora Carter (VIDEO)

Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, one of the most popular middleweight boxers of all time, has died, sparking thousands to leave messages of condolence on social media sites and forums. Carter leaves behind his estate worth approximately $500,000, which is believed to be going to his family, which consists of two sisters and two children Theodora and Raheem.

Carter was born in Clifton, New Jersey on May 6, 1937, and started his boxing career in 1961. Through his career he won 27 fights with 19 by way of knock out, and drew one fight. Carter did lose a total of 12 times in his career and lost a close fight for the middleweight championship versus Joey Giardello back in 1964.

Carter's career was cut short, however, when he was framed in a triple homicide case in which victims Hazel Tanis, Fred Nauyoks and James Oliver were killed by gunshot wounds. The killings took place at the LaFayette Bar and Grill in 1966 in New Jersey. Even though Carter had an alibi and the prosecutors established no motive for Carter to commit the crime, he was convicted in the case. He successfully won an appeal and was temporarily freed, only to be convicted a second time when new prosecutors brought up an old theory about why Carter may have committed the killings. Carter ended up spending 19 years behind bars, but was finally released when a judge threw out the conviction due to serious issues with the prosecution's conduct, as well as important information that pointed to Carter's innocence, being ommitted from the previous trial.

Carter's false imprisonment inspired legendary folk singer Bob Dylan to make a 1975 hit song called "Hurricane." Dylan's song explained the race tensions that Carter faced when he was wrongfully locked up. Carter was finally released from prison in 1985. In addition, actor Denzel Washington portrayed Carter in the movie "Hurricane" that gave an account of Carter's life inside and outside of the ring. Although some critics have slammed the film as inaccurately portraying the facts of the case.

"God bless Rubin Carter and his tireless fight to ensure justice for all," said actor Denzel Washington after news of his death emerged, according to CNN.

Carter wrote a book Eye of the Hurricane: My Path from Darkness to Freedom that gave a first hand account of his ordeal fighting to clear his name.

Carter, who was previously married to Mae Thelma, is survived by his two sisters and two children, Theodora and Raheem. When he passed away on April 20, 2014, he was 76 years old.

Below is Bob Dylan's Song 'Hurricane' - Warning: Some of the lyrics are not suitable for children.