Redemption Praise unveils the heartfelt story behind the inspirational single "Jesus"

Redemption Praise - "Jesus"
Redemption Praise - "Jesus" |

NASHVILLE, TN (May 13, 2024) - Leanette Lopez, celebrated Christian artist performing under the banner of Redemption Praise, shares the moving story behind her latest single “Jesus,” a profound expression of faith born from personal trials and miraculous triumphs. This song emerges not just as music, but as a testament to the power of faith and prayer in the most challenging times.

Leanette’s journey with “Jesus” began during a period of immense personal struggle, as she faced the daunting prognosis of her daughter’s birth. Born at just 1 pound and 12 ounces on Resurrection Day, her daughter’s survival is nothing short of a miracle, defying medical expectations and strengthening Leanette’s faith. During the most critical times, the simple yet powerful act of whispering "Jesus" brought immense comfort and hope to Leanette, inspiring her to pen this heartfelt anthem.

Today, accompanied by her husband and their miracle daughter, Leanette travels extensively to share their story and the countless miracles they have witnessed. The song “Jesus” is an invitation to listeners to experience the depth of Leanette’s faith and the strength she derives from her relationship with Jesus Christ.

Produced by Joseph (Fono) Garcia and influenced by a rich array of musical styles, from Gospel to Latin, “Jesus” resonates with a diverse audience, offering a message of hope and strength. It is a soul-stirring reminder of the transformative power of trusting in Jesus through life’s most challenging moments.

Redemption Praise invites everyone to listen to “Jesus,” available on Gospel and Praise & Worship radio stations globally. Experience the comfort and inspiration of Leanette’s music and join her in celebrating the faith that has brought her family through unimaginable challenges. The song is also available on all streaming outlets.

About Redemption Praise
Redemption Praise is the musical expression of Leanette Lopez’s life-long journey in faith and music. With her eclectic style and powerful lyrics, Leanette continues to inspire and uplift her listeners, inviting them into a world where music meets worship, offering solace and hope to all who believe.

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