'Quantum Break' Release Date: Fans Disappointed With Late PC Announcement, No Longer Exclusive For Xbox One?

In line with the release date announcement for Remedy Entertainment and Microsoft Studios' "Quantum Break," it has been revealed that some fans have been frustrated, as the game is no longer exclusive for the Xbox One.

Remedy Entertainment and Microsoft Studios have reportedly revealed that gamers will receive a Windows 10 version of "Quantum Break" should they pre-order the game's Xbox One version, according to the official Xbox website. This implies that "Quantum Break" is no longer exclusive for the Xbox One.

With "Quantum Break's" release in Windows 10, some gamers have shared their thoughts on the social media. A case in point is Twitter user Tim Dog. On Feb. 12, he wrote that his issue was the nature how "Quantum Break" was announced, implying that the announcement about the game going to Windows 10 was late.

Another case is Twitter user The CrapGamer, who felt that he had to cancel his game's pre-order. On Feb. 11, heĀ wrote that it was sad to say that he had cancelled his "Quantum Break" pre-order as he had said he would. This was because it was not announced earlier that "Quarter Back" was going to PC.

According to Christian Post, Microsoft is shifting its gears toward the application of the cross-platform play to its game titles, such as "Quantum Break." "Gears of War 4" has been also rumored to have its access to Windows 10, so it is assumed that some players might have some issues about it, conversely.

Developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft Studios, "Quantum Break" is a forthcoming third-person shooter action video game. It centers on Jack Joyce, the game protagonist who lives in a realm where time freezes everything except him. Being able to manipulate time, Joyce can easily use it to escape from his enemies and their attacks.

As per the official Xbox website, "Quantum Break" is set to be launched for both the Xbox One and Windows 10 on Apr. 5.