Pokemon Go Plus Price News & Update: Wearable Start Shipment On September 16

Pokemon Go Plus
Pokemon Go Plus is sold out on Amazon. |

The highly anticipated Pokemon Go Plus wearable will reportedly be on sale starting on Sept. 16, according to the latest news.

The Pokemon Go Plus looks a lot like a Pokeball and allows you to catch a wild Pokemon without taking out your mobile phone. The wearable connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and it will vibrate and blink to alert you when you are near a Pokestop. When a Pokemon is nearby, the gadget will flash.

However, the news about the Pokemon Go Plus wearable finally on sale on Sept. 16 may have come too late, said Forbes.

It said the accessory would have sold like hotcakes if it was launched just a few weeks ago. Now, the novelty about the game might have worn off and there's a significant drop in the number of downloads, as well as the number of people playing the game.

The Pokemon Go Plus was first reported to be launched in July but was delayed by Niantic Labs.

For instance, during its peak, Pokemon Go had about 45 million users, now there's only about 30 million left. That figure is still substantial, however, the trend has been going down. Would anybody really drop $34.99 to buy the Pokemon Go Plus now? That question will be answered on Sept. 16.

Wareable said the Pokemon Go Plus on sale on Sept. 16 might not even matter than much considering the news about the upcoming Pokemon Go Apple Watch app, which reportedly has a lot more goodies like the number of XP you need to level up as well as how many steps you need to take so you can hatch the egg.