PlayStation 4.5 Release Date: Reveal Coming Out Either At E3 2016 Or At Tokyo Game Show In September

There are still a lot of stuff that we don't know regarding the upcoming PlayStation 4.5. Now that the highly hyped up E3 2016 is just days away, it is with high probability that we will know everything there is to know about the upcoming console, starting with its official name.

It probably won't be called the PlayStation 4.5. Rumors say that there will be two versions of PlayStation games eventually after this new console gets launched. And one of the versions would be called "Neo," so this may mean that there is a chance that the console would be named PlayStation Neo, PlayStation 4 Neo or something pretty close to that.

According to Polygon, Sony may even wait up until The Tokyo Game show in September before they reveal that product. But since E3 is also a world-renowned event for gamers, Sony might not take this chance for granted.

Also, according to PC Advisor, the PlayStation NEO will have an astonishing number of eight Jaguar CPU cores running at 2.1GHz rather than the 1.6GHz that the PS4 has. There will also be a faster GDDR5 memory of 8GB at 218GB/s instead of the 176GB/s of the previous console. Also according to the site, Neo will be launching around September-October of 2016 at a price of at $399.

With the E3 2016 just around the corner, there will be a lot of revelation happening from the consoles down to the video games that are really being craved by the fans to come out. How will Sony and the PlayStation 4.5 fare in this event? Stick around as more updates are coming within the next couple of days.