"No Filter" from Sarah Kroger is out now, accompanied by a stunning music video

Sarah Kroger - "No Filter"
Sarah Kroger - "No Filter" |

1 March 2024 - Nashville, TN - Leading up to the release of her anticipated new album, Sarah Kroger drops a new song today. Titled "No Filter" (listen HERE), the song is the debut from A New Reality, out May 17 (Integrity Music). 

The GMA Dove Award®-nominated singer, songwriter, and worship leader is beyond ready to bring "No Filter" to the Church, a song born from her vulnerable faith journey that expresses raw emotion and the courage needed to question and seek God. “This song puts the rest of the record into context,” she explains. Also inspired by Psalm 22, “It encapsulates what I’ve been walking through. I hope it allows space for people to bring their questions and not be held captive to fear.”

Penning “No Filter” with her friend Savannah Locke in a mere thirty minutes, it is Kroger's hope that the song offers a lifeline to those wrestling with their faith and a testament that doubt and faith can coexist, leading to a deeper understanding and experience of God’s mysterious ways.

Her continued vulnerability through her music is a hope to ignite the need for conversation around faith and doubt within the Church, and it is her mission to assure the listeners that their doubts do not disqualify them from pursuing closeness with God. 

With "No Filter" and throughout her upcoming album, Kroger's songs are created to reach the silent strugglers, the closet doubters, and anyone who has felt alone in their spiritual battles. “I hope people feel encouraged to bring their imperfect, questioning, doubting selves to God,” she shares. “I want people to be reminded of the beauty of His presence in the world. He’s more real than we can comprehend."

A music video also drops today for the single. Be sure to view the stunning video below.