Natasha Owens' 'No One But You' Speaks Encouragement to the Downtrodden Believer in Need of 'One Name' [REVIEW]

Natasha Owens

Powerful singer Natasha Owens is gearing up to release her next EP, No One But You on August 28. Produced and co-written by Ed Cash, the album dives into Owens' search for Jesus through the storms.

BREATHEcast had the opportunity to review the project and here's what we had to say:

Opening up the album is the title track "No One but You." The beginning "OooOoo" makes the song seem like it will be uptempo, but then Owens quiets the track down with beautiful vocals. She sings of hidden pain and that struggle is reflected through the tone and vulnerability of her voice. "No one but you can take all the tears that I've cried, and mend all the pieces inside/ I'm giving it all to you," she sings out to God. Just purely powerful lyrics to open the EP.

"We Rise" sounds like a huge worship anthem meant to bring a church to their knees in worship. One can sense Owens' heart for the Lord on this track as the presence becomes infectious. "We will rise, rise above the ashes, rise above the fire/ Lift your hands, lift your eyes, Jesus is faithful, He is faithful to revive" the chorus goes. The song is an encouragement for the believer to trust in God "rise" above everything around them.

"Wings" sort of continues the theme of rise in that "wings" will help you "rise up." Owens sings about facing fears and walking the tough road because God is by her side. It is a song of confident courage in Christ that is further encouragement to our walk in faith.

The next track is "Move Me On" which is about crying out to God to help us move when we don't have the strength to ourselves. "Move me...Past all the darkness, And past all the fear/ Lord I'm stronger when you're near/ You'll never leave me, And I'll never be alone again/ I'm in your hand."

The final song, "One Name," closes out the album glorifying the power of God. "One name, one name alone/ Has the power/ To calm any storm...My provider, when I'm in need, He's the healer, of every disease/ Only one name, one name,Is worthy to be lifted up" Owens softly sings in this ballad. In the background the drum hits and the string arrangements provided impact into every vocal.

Altogether Natasha Owen's No One but You is short and sweet. What the EP lacks in length, it makes up for it with spiritual impact and intensity. Owens deliveries words of affirmations to Christians who are stuck in a trial in their life. Simply looking at the song titles confirms this and makes a narrative in itself - We should trust in "No One But You" (God) to help us be lifted up ("We Rise") on "Wings" so He can "Move Me On" to "One Name," which is all that really matters in the end.