Munday Martin releases Sci-Fi music video for 'The Fix Is In'

Nashville, Tennessee — Munday Martin was inspired to write "The Fix Is In" while he was suffering tremendously from a bad case of COVID

 Munday Martin - The Fix Is In
Munday Martin - The Fix Is In |

pneumonia which took him to the emergency room twice because of low oxygen levels.
A melody came to him in the night which he knew was from the Lord. Even though he was suffering, the song brought him great joy. He proceeded to record the demo during his sickness.

Martin's producer, John Mark Painter from the band Fleming and John, immediately loved it. Martin believes we are all fighting a great spiritual battle and it’s time to see an awakening in the church through renaissance, revival, and creativity to reach the lost. This song is intended to cross over into the mainstream market with the hopes of opportunities to share Martin's powerful testimony.

"The Fix Is In" is an allegory written about Satan and his kingdom of darkness trying to take over the world. The aliens are our fight against demons. Martin imagined this allegory flying over Area 51 in his mind. He proclaims that the aliens are here, they don't come in peace, and to tell all of your neighbors!

The music video for the song released on YouTube last week as an indie film adventure in this purposefully B-Side Sci-Fi extravaganza. "There is an urgency to tell everyone we are running out of time," shares Martin. "The added comic relief is key to this music video. We all need comic relief in these times we are living in. When you hear the song and see the music video, it will definitely remind you of Steve Taylor, who is one of my biggest inspirations for doing music."

Tell your neighbors that it's high time
The invasion is moments away
A creature feature but in real life
I guess we've all been played

It was under our noses all this time
Never seen the likes of this
Pack and separate your needs from your wants
Hurry the fix is in