Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Date, News: New Laptop-Tablet Hybrid Expected in 2015 with More RAM & Windows 10

While the past few months have been busy for the tech titans, who have been releasing one flagship device after another, there has been very little news from Microsoft regarding the release of the fourth generation Surface Pro 'laplet.'

The Redmond-based company's silence on the Surface Pro 4 release date made many believe that it would no longer release the PC hybrid lineups. However, recently, Microsoft General Manager (Surface), Brain Hall wrote in his official Surface blog that the accessories of the current device are being synchronized to the future Surface Pro products.

Hall wrote in his blog, "We are pleased to share that the following Surface pro 3 accessories are designed with our product roadmap in mind and will be compatible with the next generation of the 'Pro' line Surface.".

According to a number of reports, although Microsoft continues to remain in transition, as the company is witnessing major changes in top tier management since 2013, it has already increased in profits two-fold following the release of the Surface Pro 3 in June 2014.

The Surface Pro 3 has not only caused a stir in the corporate world, but it has served big names like BMW, Louis Vuitton and Coca-Cola among others. This is an indication of the fact that the Redmond-based company is not becoming stagnant.

Even, Satya Nadella, the newly appointed Microsoft CEO, has tried to shed some light on the issue. He recently told the media, "We believe a strength of the Microsoft platform for enterprise is the rich ecosystem of hardware and applications developed by our partners, the community at large, and some of our own teams at Microsoft."

Nadella went on to say, "In particular with Microsoft Surface Pro 3 we are now offering an enterprise-class device that can deliver great end user productivity. Microsoft is putting its full and sustained support behind the ongoing Surface program as one of a number of great hardware choices for businesses large and small."

Now, tech enthusiasts, especially fans of Microsoft, are eagerly looking forward to the Surface Pro 4, which is slated for release sometime in 2015. According to rumors, like its predecessor, the upcoming Surface laplet is likely to sport a 12-inch display. The purported Surface Pro 4 may possibly run Windows 10, provided Microsoft launches the new operating system ahead of it. It will have the same thickness as other previous Surface models - 8 mm.

While the Surface Pro 4 will possibly retain the design and build of the Surface Pro 3, major changes are expected in the device's hardware. The upcoming PC-tablet hybrid is expected boast more RAM and a faster processor.

Gordon Ung of Maximum PC and Nick Pino of Tech Radar are of the view that the Surface Pro 4 is likely to be packed with an Intel Core M to give it more power, longer battery span as well as proficiency in gaming.