'Love Finds You in Charm' Sends Mixed Messages on Discovering Yourself [MOVIE REVIEW]

Love Finds You In Charm

When choosing someone to spend life with, it's essential to find a person that shares your own hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the future. But what if you don't know what you want your life to look like? This is the question 'Love Finds You in Charm', a new movie on UPtv, seeks to answer.

The romantic drama tells the story of Emma Miller (played by Danielle Chuchran), a young Amish woman from Indiana that leaves her family's farm on a journey to find out who she is, and what she really wants.

This film is meant to be a follow-up to the successful 'Love Finds You in Sugar Creek, Ohio' which aired on UPtv last year. 'Love Finds You in Sugar Creek, Ohio' was based on a book by Serena B. Miller. 'Love Finds You in Charm' is based on a book of the same name by Annalisa Daughety. 

At the beginning of the movie, Emma is engaged to an Amish fellow named Jacob, whom is apparently a huge catch in her community. Jacob approaches Emma to let her know that he's decided to officially join "the Church," meaning he will be a part of the Amish community for life and his wife must be as well. Emma responds by telling Jacob that she's going to be leaving their hometown to visit her widowed cousin in Charm, Ohio, indefinitely. Jacob is crestfallen, while Emma is relieved. Thus begins Emma's quest to find her identity outside of the world that she has always known. 

Upon arriving at her cousin's farm, Emma meets a handsome Amish farmhand named Noah (a Chris Hemsworth look-alike played by Trevor Donovan.) Noah seems to be everything Emma has ever wanted in a man; he's even read her favorite novel, Pride and Prejudice. Sparks are totally flying between the two of them. But then Emma meets Andy, an exciting and cosmopolitan writer, and suddenly, nothing seems clear to her anymore.  

The idea of an Amish woman coming to terms with her identity outside of the Amish way of life is a fascinating one, and ripe with potential. However, we don't get to see much of Emma's exploration as it is limited to a friendship with an Englischer (ie non-Amish person) that she meets in Charm, and her interactions with love-interest Andy.

Danielle Churchran does a decent job of playing the winsome, innocent Emma convincingly. Both Trevor Donovan and Andy's character, Drew Fuller, also get the job done. Tiffany Dupont plays Emma's Englischer friend and is a welcome bright spot of energy in a film that is at times tedious in its formulaic insistence.

[Possible spoiler alert ahead]

While Emma is supposedly out to discover herself, her interests in doing so are vague and without motive. Be wary if watching this film with young girls: in this movie, "discover yourself" is code for "find your husband." Also troubling is the overall message presented by the film, which seems to imply that outside of one's own family and loved ones lies only mal-intentioned people and dangerous situations. Emma doesn't resolve the questions she has about the outside world as much as she makes a choice to intentionally ignore the answers. 

Ultimately, 'Love Finds You in Charm' is a girl-meets-boy-and-then-she-meets-another-boy romance that will elicit some smiles, but little passion, from viewers. This wouldn't be so bad if it were not for the potential for the movie to have been about so much more.