LG G Watch R Reviews Praise Style & Design, Release Date November 2014?

While an early preview of the LG G Watch R raised the bar for all new smartwatches vis-à-vis the style interface, the Korean tech giant has yet to announce the release date of its latest wearable offering. However, it's expected that the company will announce the launch date sometime next month.

Incidentally, the official previews of the LG G Watch R boast the style of the upcoming smartwatch, and there is a general feeling that LG has struck gold with the device's specs as well as functionality.

For instance, Technobuffalo praised the new smartwatch on its LG G Watch R review describing it as a "One Very Beautiful Smartwatch." The review reads, "The G Watch R is exciting because it strikes that balance of old and new; it sports a traditional look while highlighting the best features of Android Wear which, incidentally, recently received a major update."

The reviewer further adds, "After seeing the G Watch R in person, it certainly achieves that. I'm still not sure if it beats out the look of the Moto 360, but it's certainly in the same category, which in and of itself is an achievement."

In terms of its specs, the G Watch R comes with a 1.3-inch circular P-OLED display, a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal memory, 410mAh battery in addition to an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance.

On that note, LG President Dr. Jong Seek-Park has also made a distinction between the LG G Watch R and its first model. Seek-Park said, "While the original G Watch was designed to be a no-nonsense, pure Android Wear device, the G Watch R was developed with a more aesthetic eye."

The design and interface of the LG G Watch R has been praised by CNET in its review of the smartwatch.

However, CNET has not commented highly on the software of the upcoming smartwatch saying, "Under the hood its business as usual - it's running the same software found on all Android Wear smartwatches. It'll therefore happily connect via Bluetooth to any Android phone running version 4.3 or later and display your incoming notifications and various other alerts from Google Now."