Lecrae's Upcoming Book Reveals Heart Behind Music, Faith & Why He 'Kicked Down the Gates' of Mainstream Hip-Hop [VIDEO]



Lecrae BC Intro

Rapper Lecrae told Rapzilla in detail that his upcoming book will explain why he has stormed the gates of the secular hip-hop community with his music.


The Reach Records founder has been keeping busy since the release of his No.1 album Anomaly; he is currently on tour, but he took a few minutes to share with Rapzilla about his upcoming book. He confessed that he is scheduled to submit something as soon as possible.

"I think a book will help people understand not only the method to my madness, but my heart," he said in the video interview, "I also want the book to reveal kind of the faith that I hold and why I believe what I believe."

Lecrae is well known for being accepted by the mainstream community and noted that he is writing with the mindset that the audience will be reading as well. "People outside of the faith will be able to say, 'okay, I think I get it a little bit more,'" he continued.

The Texas native explained in detail his reasoning behind becoming a crossover rapper with the message of Jesus Christ, "The whole concept is when Jesus took the disciples to what was called the gates of Hell... at this particular place there's a lot of idolatry, a lot of sexual idolatry, and sin and all types of demonic worship happening and Jesus tells them, 'Upon this rock I build my church and even the gates of Hell will not prevail against it,'" he expounded.

"Gates are meant to keep people out so when Jesus says the gates of Hell will not prevail, he means Hell's gates will not keep us from storming through and establishing His kingdom in every area," he continued, "That how I approach music and Hip-Hop. Those gates are meant to be crashed. We're not supposed to build our own little gates and stay behind our little gates and do our own little thing. We're suppose to crash their gates and go in there and say 'Hey the Earth is the Lord's and everything there of.'"

Lecare ended the interview by saying he was not knocking people who just do music for the church, but maintained that he was not created to do that. "There's nothing wrong in creating music inside of our world, but I feel like I've been created to kick down those gates and that's what God allowed me to do... and that's the kind of stuff I want to talk about in the book," he concluded.

Watch full interview below and get your copy of Anomaly on iTunes now.