Lecrae and Andy Mineo Bring the Anomaly Tour Party to NYC; Reach Records Emcees Elevate God in the City [REVIEW]

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Christian emcees Lecrae and Andy Mineo kicked off the second leg of the Anomaly Tour in New York City's Best Buy Theater last night, and to describe it in one word, "Party."

With the line going up the block just a street off of the famed Broadway, the crowd was hyped up with anticipation. Stepping inside was a refreshing site as the place was packed out not just for any artist, but one who does so while leaning on the Lord.

DJ Promote was mixing on stage, and injecting some Reach Records artists into the PA with a bit of a house twist. As the crowd kept growing, so did the volume and the party like atmosphere as everyone was dancing around.

Andy Mineo
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This went on for around half an hour, when at around 8:10 p.m., Andy Mineo ran out on stage to huge cheers. As the "home town hero," Mineo brought so much live energy to the place. He rapped focused with precision and put on quite a good show. In between most of the songs he played some promotional videos for his EP Never Land, which helped tie in a concept for his songs and the performance.

Mineo even jumped into the audience to crowd surf and at one point they dropped him. He joked about it when he got back on stage, saying it was "embarrassing" for his city to drop him. Mineo said there is only one of two reasons that happened with the first being, "They don't love him." The second was that he just got married - "You may have noticed I put on some weight the last few months" he laughed, adding, "That's my fault."

Mineo then sheepishly spoke about his new wife and the impact she has had on making him a better man. He also spoke about him sort of becoming an honorary "Puerto Rican" because of her heritage and all the good food he is getting. From there he segued into "Uno Uno Seis."

The biggest standout performance of his set was his ground stomping anthem "You Can't Stop Me." The theater went nuts, and quite frankly so did Mineo. Other highlights were "Wild Things" and a rousing performance of "Never Land."

After Mineo's set a pastor came out to give a brief word and introduce another speaker who spoke about World Vision and sponsoring a child for $35 a month.

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After this 20 minute or so interlude, the crowd was ready and the room was buzzing. DJ Promote came back out, as did the live drummer and Lecrae's singer. A video began playing on the screen as the "Outsiders" instrumental played.

The videos that played throughout the set and in between songs took on the theme of Lecrae's life. Every scene was him at a different stage of his life, and the opening one focused on his birth and then being thrust into a life with just a single mother.

Then with that, out came Lecrae to the roars of a sold out crowd. He opened with the conscious and somewhat politically charged, "Welcome to America." The rapper was in total intense beast mode as he ferociously nailed every vocal sparking an equal reaction from the crowd.

Lecrae welcomed the audience to the Anomaly Tour, and from the sound of his voice he appreciated the love and all the support he has been given these last few whirlwind months for him.

Perhaps one of the best performances of the night was his ultra passionate rendition of "Fear," especially over the "Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus to all of my haters" part. He repeated it about four times so emphatically that he seemed to be on the verge of tears. This was definitely a bold statement Lecrae intentionally did because of the constant flack he gets for not being Christian enough, which is just simply a false statement.

Lecrae took moments throughout the night to throw in quick quips about God, and even preached a bit. Jesus was the focus of his set, and that is something so evident no matter what critics say.

Another performance that nearly brought the house down was "Nuthin." Lecrae bounced up and down as the whole building moved along with him yelling "Ain't talking 'bout nuthin."

The "Good, Bad, Ugly" song was introduced by a video of the actor portraying Lecrae dropping his girlfriend off at the abortion clinic. The performance was inspiring and he even shared a bit about dark times and overcoming them.

Other songs he tackled before taking a brief intermission were "All I Need is You," "Give In," "Wish," and "Dirty Water."

Lecrae disappeared for a bit as DJ Promote then brought the party back by playing some Pitbull, Bruno Mars, and house music. The audience put their hands up and was jumping all around. Overall, no one seemed to mind the brief break by Lecrae.

The rapper then emerged, but this time off stage, and in the middle section of the crowd on a raised platform. It was here that he distanced himself from Anomaly and played some of his older songs including "I'm Turnt" and "My Whole Life Changed."

Lecrae then thanked everyone with the typical fake goodbyes before an encore as the whole crowd chanted for his and Mineo's "Say I Won't." DJ Promote then did a game with the crowd and played some of Lecrae's tougher rapped songs and told the audience they had to rap along. They did not fail. Once Promote started 2006's "Jesus Muzik" everyone once again started getting louder and louder which cumulated with Lecrae coming out and dancing along.

The stage was now set for "Say I Won't" which Mineo hopped in for with a fresh new outfit. The two had great stage energy together as they rapped back and forth before taking their final bow.

Overall seeing the Anomaly Tour live in action was quite an experience. To reiterate the previously stated word of "party," really just sums it up. While attending other hip-hop shows that may consist of lots of drinking, dancing, and undoubtedly the waft of weed in the air, this was just a plain old "Jesus Musik" party.

Lecrae and Mineo have a great command of the stage and know exactly what to say and do to get the crowd excited. This tour will undoubtedly touch lives and create a new following for the two artists.

Prior to last night's concerts, Lecrae appeared on 'Good Morning America' to perform his hit single "All I Need is You'. He also released the music video for "Welcome to America" which can be seen below:

See the rest of the dates of the Anomaly Tour below:

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April 9 Best Buy Theater | New York, NY

April 10 Bojangles' Coliseum | Charlotte, NC

April 11 Timmons Arena | Greenville, SC

April 12 Palace Theatre | Columbus, OH

April 15 Bank of Kentucky Center | Highland Heights, KY

April 16 The Classic Center | Athens, GA

April 17 Constant Convocation Center | Norfolk, VA

April 18 APG Federal Credit Union Arena | Bel Air, MD

April 19 Stage AE | Pittsburg, PA

April 22 Moncton Wesleyan Celebration Centre | NB, Canada

April 23 Cross Insurance Arena | Portland, ME

April 24 House of Blues | Boston, MA

April 25 Church on the Queensway | ON, Canada

April 29 O'Reilly Family Event Center | Springfield, MO

April 30 Fox Theatre | St. Louis, MO

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