Layla Capri releases "Walks With Me" to Christian radio

Layla Capri - "Walks With Me"
Layla Capri - "Walks With Me" |

NASHVILLE, TN (June 19, 2024) - Layla Capri, an up and coming young artist in Christian music, is set to make waves with her latest single, “Walks With Me.” Produced by Chris August, this inspiring song is being released to Christian radio today.

“Walks With Me” is an acoustic anthem rooted in the timeless truths of Psalm 139:1, emphasizing God's intimate knowledge and constant presence in our lives. Layla's powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics capture the essence of a personal relationship with the Creator, making it a compelling addition to the Inspirational and Christian Soft AC formats.

Growing up in a musically gifted family, Layla was immersed in worship from an early age. She has been blessed with mentors and family who have helped her draw strength from her faith. Her music reflects themes of hope, peace, and the unwavering goodness of God, resonating deeply with listeners.

Inspired by artists like Lauren Daigle and Kari Jobe, Layla has honed her skills through experiences as a worship leader. Her collaborations with talented musicians from Elevation Worship and producer Sam Hart have further refined her unique sound. Now, with the guidance of her producer Chris August, Layla’s new single showcases her growth as an artist and her dedication to ministry through music.

"Walks With Me" is not just a song but a testimony of faith and reassurance, reminding believers that the God who commands the waves also walks beside us in our daily lives. Layla’s lyrics, such as “He who is and was and will always be, the God who walks on waves walks with me,” echo her deep spiritual insights and her passion for connecting others to God’s enduring love.

As Layla Capri continues to rise in the Christian music scene, "Walks With Me" stands as a testament to her journey and calling. With her unshakeable faith and heartfelt music, Layla is poised to touch hearts and inspire believers across the nation.

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