KJ-52 & Social Club Team Up with Hope In Motion Organization to Raise Funds for Anti-Bullying Curriculum for Schools [VIDEO]


Christian rapper KJ-52, along with hip-hop group Social Club, are teaming up with H.I.M. to create a public school curriculum for public school students, and are looking to Indiegogo to raise the funds.

H.I.M. stands for, Hope in Motion, and serves to give schools an assembly program to cover topics such as: bullying, self-worth, dreams, choices, purpose, hope, and courage.

"You are a world changer and you are not alone," their motto reads.

KJ fits right along with the cause because of his song "Island of the Misfit Toys" and his last album, Mental. The song featured quickly rising hip-hop group Social Club, who will now also take u the cause.

"Our goal is to give students worldwide a music video & a 15 week video curriculum that will send a clear message, 'You are not alone'. The curriculum will feature motivational speaker Pedro LaTorre and his wife Jessica! It will address 3 important areas of a students life: Identity - Purpose - Courage" it says on the campaign page.

See the Indiegogo promotional video below:

The goal for the campaign is $6,000, and right now they are around 60% with $3,595 raised. The deadline is fast approaching with 36 hours left to go.

Donation perks range from $10 to $100, with shoutouts, t-shirts, and hoodies from KJ himself.

"The hate crimes and bullying we are seeing on Television have only been getting worse. YOU have the opportunity to be the change! This music video will speak the language of students of this generation and provide HOPE for millions!" reads their campaign page. "Our 15 week video curriculum will be available to every school world wide and will feature leading voices in the entertainment industry. This curriculum has the power to alter the course of a student's entire life! You can be apart of it!"

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Watch the "Island of the Misfit Toys" lyric video below: