Kings Kaleidoscope Release Live Good Friday Album 'SIN'; Record Beautifully Narrates Jesus' Resurrection Story [REVIEW]

Kings Kaleidoscope

Kings Kaleidoscope put together a live Good Friday album called Sin, and it has now been released online just in time for Easter. BREATHEcast reviewed the album, and as usual, the ten member band did not disappoint.

The first track "Confession" is alive with the sounds of this extremely unique band. "Bring me back my creator...take me take me take me every second" singer Chad Gardner yelling out before asking "Who will set me free from bondage?" The song is powerful and is the perfect theme of someone searching for the forgiveness only God can give.

The first track rings out and enters "What Wondrous Love is This" with the pounding of percussion and the noisy feedback and synchronized strings of various instruments. The song plods along for around two minutes and then slowly picks up a more full sound. Again, vocally Gardner is at a vulnerable yell for a lot of the song, a tactic that bodes him well emotionally.

"One Righteous Man" leaves the build of the previous song behind and strips it down. The opening lyrics describe the characteristics of Jesus, and then turn into a narrative of the final days of Jesus. "Guilty as charged, now beat him til no one can tell. Who he once was, then hang up his body with nails..." After that line, the song goes into a bluesy progressive rock transition of guitars and drums. The whole song front to end sounds like a musical play. The strings build this incredible tension to go along with the words.

"What Have We Done" comes in like a lamb, with gentle lyrics and piano. Gardner sings, "Oh my God what have we done. We have destroyed your son." The way the lyrics are sung are incredibly moving. He describes what Jesus must have been thinking as He lay dying on the cross after being betrayed by Judas and denied by Peter.

The next track, "Psalm 51," picks up the tempo with heavy bass, synth tones, and drums. This industrial sounding effect reverberates throughout the song, and gives the song a futuristic feel to it. At the same time the lead guitar is riffing to what feels to be a Middle Eastern type feel. Quiet breaks litter the song, accompanied by piano and strings. A gang vocal of "Wash away my iniquity, cleanse me from my sin" rings out to end the song over handclaps.

"Jesus Paid It All" is the most traditional of worship songs on this album, and is pretty straightforward. Again K.K. adds their mark to the song with a great musical bridge in the middle of the song. One of the best parts of this song is the steady bass pluck that hits in twos. It helps pierce through the song and adds depth to the orchestral section of the track. The vocals of the song are the type to make anyone listening put their hands up and close their eyes in an utter trance of worship.

If the last track was traditional worship, "How Deep the Father's Love" allows the band an attempt at traditional hymns. The crowd singing along is also most audible on this song, which adds the effect of a harmonic choir backing the band. The almost march like outro of the song is a perfect way to close out the album.

Kings Kaleidoscope
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Sin is a dynamic musical foray into the resurrection story of Jesus Christ that plays out from the world needing a savior into Him rising again. The emotion and story of the songs is brought out by the deep-rooted emphasis vocal tonality along with superb musicianship.

Kings Kaleidoscope is a true talent that is transforming the way people view worship music by turning it on its head. With so much to be said about the "quality" and "two-steps" behind notion of Christian music, K.K. is putting out music that holds up against anyone.

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