K-LOVE Fan Awards 2015 Red Carpet: Blanca Shares Insecurities About Recording New Album [VIDEO INTERVIEW]


BREATHEcast caught up with singer Blanca at the K-LOVE Fan Awards 2015 to talk about her new album, insecurities in recording, and to gush about her husband and family. 

"I'm so glad, I try to stay true to myself during this record that's been the biggest thing," Blanca said of the music style on the record. "I wanna be authentic and just stay true to who I am and who I feel God has called me to be. So the underlying message of it all, is be real, be true, and be everything that God is calling you to be."

She then shared her emotions about the positive feedback she is receiving for the album. "I've been blown away and overwhelmed by the feedback and support I've been given by K-LOVE and all the other people."  

"You have insecurities sometimes going into writing a record, and feeling like you have to sound a certain way or look a certain way, or be a certain way in order to work, and I feel like at the end of the day God is like, 'I made you, you, so stay true to that, be that and watch how I move things forward'" Blanca said, concerning getting past any fears she had in creating an album. 

Watch the full interview below:



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