Joaquin Phoenix Cast as 'Doctor Strange'? Latest Movie Release Date Rumors

While some rumors say that Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' film is still in an early production phase, others claim that the movie already has a release date.

Last week, the San Diego Comic-con was flooded with fans looking for answers about the new superhero movies set to launch next year. As questions were posed and answered about 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' and 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice', strangely one upcoming film project was not mentioned as much.

Marvel Studios President, Kevin Fiege, has been known to speak somewhat openly about his upcoming film projects, but last week at the SDCC, he kept quiet about the 'Doctor Strange' film. As many fans of the comic book hero were eager to hear any word about the movie, all Feige had to say about it was that it's "active in development."

However, rumors about the film adaptation do exist, and they claim some pretty interesting things about the movie. Apparently, the director of the 'Doctor Strange' film is none other than Scott Derrickson. Also, Screen Rush revealed that Jon Spaihts is rumored to be working on the script for the Marvel blockbuster.

In terms of casting rumors, Joaquin Phoenix has been pegged by reports to be playing the lead role of Doctor Strange in the film. Beyond that, the film already has a rumored release date which sets it for a July 8, 2016 launch. It's important to note that these rumors have been unconfirmed, but fans can always hope to see the aforementioned big names contribute to the film.

As it stands, Fiege offered a final tidbit of information about the film during the Comic-con event, saying the production will be a "crazy acid-trip."