HTC ‘Hero’ Device News: HTC Plans to Launch New Handset in October

The failure of HTC One M9 to meet the expectations of tech experts and enthusiasts alike has contributed to the company's dismal financial performance. The HTC One M9 appeared to be an unimpressive product compared to its brilliant predecessor One M8. Nevertheless, the Taiwanese tech manufacturer has announced that it plans to launch another handset this year to help revive its fortunes.

Quoting Taipei Times, Tech Radar reports that speaking at the recently held annual general meeting of HTC, company CEO Cher Wang revealed that they would be launching a 'hero' device in October this year with the hopes of improving the tech manufacturer's smartphone segment.

While Wang has not revealed what the purported 'hero' device might be and instead decided to leave it for anyone's guess. However, presumably the upcoming device will not be something that has been already announced, and considering the 'hero' descriptor, it is likely to be reasonably high-end.

According to the report, the 'hero' device is unlikely to be the next genuine flagship handset from HTC. However, Wang has already hinted that the next flagship smartphone of the company is already in the works and it will come in 2016. According to the HTC CEO, the company will make noteworthy improvements in innovation as well as design for its 2016 flagship.

Precisely speaking, tech enthusiasts can expect major changes with the HTC One M10 which is due in 2016 and an impressive stopgap phone this October.

Moreover, it is likely that there will soon be a wider range of handsets from the company, since it is supposedly working to improve its "product mix strategy" for smartphones.