Hawk Nelson Releases Awaited New Album ‘Miracles’

Hawk Nelson Miracles
Cover for Hawk Nelson's 2018 album Miracles. |

On Friday, Canadian pop/rock outfit Hawk Nelson released their new full-length album Miracles. Leading up to the release of the band's eighth studio album, Hawk Nelson has released four videos and singles, including the current radio single, "He Still Does (Miracles)" which can be heard on more than 60 stations, including SiriusXM, Air 1, and WAY-FM.

Working on the new record, Hawk Nelson say the band took a step back, reevaluating their mission and even questioning their future. Frontman Jon Steingard says the new album is the group's "most hard-fought record" to date.

Ironically, the band says, the struggle originated with the success of their 2015 release Diamonds, which generated several radio hits, including the title track "Diamonds," "Live Like You're Loved," and the nine-week No. 1 hit "Drops in the Ocean." Feeling the pressure of following up the success of Diamonds, while at the same time dealing with personal change proved challenging for the members of Hawk Nelson.

Following the release of Diamonds three years ago, guitarist Micah Kuiper got married, frontman Steingard and his wife welcomed their first child, Grey; drummer David Niacaris took up a new hobby of photography; while bassist Daniel Biro endured health complications that put him on the sidelines during three tours. Hence, the band says, the journey leading up to Miracles has been one of surrender.

On Friday, the band announced the release of the album with a special video on their Facebook page, featuring what appears to be hundreds of fans.

Miracles is available to stream or download digitally everywhere music is sold, including on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Google Play. The band currently has tour dates scheduled for this summer in California, Indiana, Nebraska, Arizona, Tennessee, Minnesota, and the Philippines.

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