'Half Life 3' News: Thrilled Shooting Video Game In Stream Database, Confirmed?

Recently a rumor around the web says that "Half Life 3" will be available in stream database. With a video leak online, majority doubted with its truthfulness. But despite of the doubts, still the rumors made gamers thrilled as the shooting video game is of great popularity. Right now gamers demand for confirmation of how absolute the Half Life 3 in Stream Database.

Computer designer and sci- fi author Valve's Marc Laidlaw believed the invalidity of the news with regards to "Half Life 3" to be in a Stream Database. He added that everyone can make a Stream Database, as he referred it as "everybody's doing". With this statement, some are now in doubt with the truthfulness of the news.

To deny the accuracy of the issue, Tech Times commented with regards to the low quality of the so called released Half Life 3 in Stream Data Base. In a report they said that the title in the video Stream Database lacked the dash, which is a necessary element in creating titles.

To spice up the speculations, NeoGAF member went straight to the source of the "Half Life 3" Stream Database video for verification. The member also demanded for clarification from Laidlaw with regards to his response to the issue, "It ain't us", he said.

As of the moment, majority are skeptical with regards to how true the Stream Database video is. Though this would make everyone excited, but no further explanation and confirmation has been done to clear the issue. Still fans are hoping that one of this days, Half Life 3 will be out in Stream Database.