'GTA 5 Online' Update: Lowriders 2 DLC Possible Release Date, Game Accessible On PC, Xbox One, PS4

Along with the Drop Zone and the possible release date of "Grand Theft Auto 5" Lowriders 2 DLC this month, it is also reported that the game's second DLC might come with a Valentine's Day content.

"Grand Theft Auto 5" Lowriders 2 DLC might be released this month, as indicated in Rockstar Games. According to the publication, fans are set to see some items they would fall in love with, along with details on the upcoming Event Weekend, which consists of the Double GTA$ and RP Playlist and in-game discounts.

"Grand Theft Auto" forum member Funmw2 wrote that Lowriders 2 and a Valentine's Day content for the fifth game installement could be released in February this year. The rumor was deduced from the DLC 2015 and Lowriders 1's release last Halloween.

In line with things to expect from "Grand Theft Auto 5" Lowriders 2 DLS, Twitter user TezFunz has shared his thoughts. On Jan. 11, he wrote that time trials would end in February this year and asked if developers would add new time trials in Lowriders 2. In the forums, it has been added that Lowriders 2 was the last time trial would conclude on Feb. 8.

For the time being, Drop Zone serves as the most recent addition to "Grand Theft Auto" Online. It is an Adversary Mode, in which teams of paratroopers make a leap from Cargobobs and race to the ground to stop and control a tiny and exposed piece of terra firma. The update allows players to act as a unit in both offensive and defensive modes.

"Grand Theft Auto 5" is accessible on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.