Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus Review: Comparison of Specs & Features

Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 and Apple's iPhone 6 Plus are the latest smartphones to hit the market, as they both made their debut last September. When Phone Arena tallied the results of reviews submitted by both tech critics and regular users, they found that both phones were highly rated.

The critics gave the Note 4 a rating of 9.3 and iPhone 6 a rating of 9.0. On the other hand, users liked both phones equally well, and gave them both ratings of 9.2.

Both phones can work with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile, but the iPhone also works with US Cellular and Boost Mobile. The Note 4 uses the latest Android 4.4 KitKat as its operating system, while the iPhone uses iOS 8. The Note 4 has less pre-installed bloatware than previous versions, but there are still many apps and widgets available for download from the manufacturer's own app store. There is a shortcut menu that slides in from the right and a stripped-down Easy mode.

The Note 4 also has a "Multi-Window" feature that lets the user keep their browser open while reading their e-mails. The windows can be resized and moved around, just like with a regular computer.

iPhone's iOS 8 enables apps to talk to each other and the new SwiftKey and Swype keyboards make the iPhone easy to use. Wired gives the Note 4 the nod for versatility, but believes the iPhone is simpler and easier to use.

Both phones have a good-sized battery and both can handle a day's worth of heavy use before needing to be recharged. The Note 4 also boasts fast charging abilities and an Ultra Power Saving Mode.

The Note 4 has a bigger screen with a higher resolution than the iPhone 6 Plus. The Note 4's screen is 5.7 inches and boasts a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels (515 ppi). The iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5 inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (401 ppi).

Wired concludes their review by saying, "These are both excellent phones, and whichever you choose you'll get a terrific screen, powerful performance and a fine camera ... but your preference is most likely to be decided by your fondness for each operating system -- the enviable but limiting slickness of iOS or the versatility of Android. This will be the main deciding factor because in hardware terms, there ain't a great deal to choose between them."