Eric Cohen releases "LOVE" to Christian Hip-hop radio today

Eric Cohen - "LOVE"
Eric Cohen - "LOVE" |

Nashville, TN (April 23, 2024) - Today marks a significant milestone for Missouri-based hip-hop artist Eric Cohen as his hit single "L O V E" releases to Christian Rhythmic and CHH radio stations worldwide. Originally released as part of his collection of uplifting singles, "L O V E" has already captivated streaming audiences with its powerful message of unity and redemption.

With production collaboration from Ryan Upton, Eric Cohen crafts "L O V E" as more than just a song—it's a clarion call to foster love and community in challenging times. As Eric's verses spell out an anthem of hope, the track invites listeners to sing along and embrace a collective spirit of resilience and compassion.

Eric, who has been nominated for four Rhythm Of Gospel awards in 2024, continues to use his music as a platform for change, drawing from his own experiences of overcoming adversity through faith and music. His partnership with Sony Orchard for distribution has already broadened his influence, and this radio release is set to amplify his uplifting message to an even wider audience.

This radio debut of "L O V E" underscores Eric's role as a beacon of hope in the Christian music community. His involvement with Kansas City's Undrafted CHH Group and recent signing with New Tribe Records have solidified his standing as a significant voice in shaping the future of Christian Hip-hop.

Radio listeners can now join Eric's growing fanbase in experiencing "L O V E," a song that stands as a testament to the power of faith and fellowship in overcoming division and hatred.

About Eric Cohen:
Eric Cohen is a trailblazer in the Christian Hip-hop scene, known for his heartfelt narratives and vibrant beats. His journey from a challenging upbringing to musical acclaim shapes his empathetic and engaging sound, inviting listeners to partake in a journey of healing and spiritual discovery.

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