EP Debut By Austin & Lindsey Adamec Leaves Me Looking Forward To More [REVIEW]

Album Cover for Austin & Lindsey Adamec EP Debut | Credit: Austin & Lindsey Adamec
Album Cover for Austin & Lindsey Adamec EP Debut | Credit: Austin & Lindsey Adamec

(Photo : Credit: Austin & Lindsey Adamec)
Album Cover for Austin & Lindsey Adamec EP Debut


Husband and wife worship duo, Austin & Lindsey Adamec have both carved a musical path that is uniquely their own.

From Lindsey's past as a member of the group 1 Girl Nation to Austin's legacy as a worship leader and songwriter, they both came together musically and created a triumphantly great EP.

Produced by Grammy-nominated, two-time Dove Award-winning Producer of the Year, Ian Eskelin, all five of the worship songs on this self-titled EP tell of the personal and spiritual victories that the couple has won. They speak from their own experiences of difficult times and struggles along the way while making a heartfelt record.

The first song off the EP "Walks On Waves" tells of the faith it takes for these two to trust and walk on the waves along with Jesus, even through the hard times. This triumphant song is sonically pretty and the duo's back and forth vocals add a whole other depth to the song.

The next song "It Is Finished" is a favorite of mine. Instrumentally it starts out acoustic which is a switch from the synthy tones of the previous song. The lyrics are heartfelt and powerful, it tells of how Jesus paid the ultimate price for us. The worship chorus is especially beautiful as well as the breakdown and again Adam and Lindsey's vocals exceptionally shine through.

On "Maker of Miracles" Lindsey leads this track with authority just as the song proclaims. Although it starts off soft the song quickly turns into a powerful anthem through the instrumental build up. Just like Psalms 77:14 that was the inspiration for this song, the message of power in the blood of Jesus is lyrically spot on.

The fourth song to come on this EP is "Lost in You," a beautiful love song that starts out acoustically and expresses the love that they have for the Lord. It's one of the more subdued songs out of all the tracks but it's no less worthy. The worship bridge that is repeated is a personal favorite of mine and brings a powerful element to the song.

Austin & Lindsey Adamec | Credit: Austin & Lindsey Adamec
(Photo : Credit: Austin & Lindsey Adamec)
Austin & Lindsey Adamec

Rounding out the record is "Infinite Grace" a song that tells of the grace Jesus has for everyone and specifically the price he paid upon the cross. It's a power ballad that keeps the same sonic theme as the other songs and uses both Adam and Lindsey's voices to create depth.

But wait...there's more! In addition to five stellar tracks there is also a bonus track that is like a sweet surprise you weren't expecting. Well you are now, since I just told you. "Oh Liberty" is an up-tempo, strong song about the effects of God's grace and love. It's another outstanding worship song from the duo that will have you singing along in unison.

Through this whole record you can tell that the Austin and Lindsey took heart and care into making an EP that they can be proud of. Through all the struggles and setbacks that they incurred to get here, these six wonderful tracks were birthed and out of it came a truly well rounded record. I look forward to see what they will release in the future.