Bethesda New Games News, Rumors: 'Fallout 4' & 'Elder Scrolls 6' to Release at E3 2015?

One of the largest and most popular video games by Bethesda might be released soon at the nearing Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles this June, 2015. Although it's only rumor, some claim that 'Elder Scrolls 6' is likely to be released for PS4 and Xbox One users.

The rumors went viral when several news reports have been speculating that since Bethesda is this year's host of one of the biggest events in the gaming industry, it is the perfect time for the company to reveal one big game that they have been creating.

Many say that Elder Scrolls 6 will be the game that will be released first, but others have also speculated that it is also possible that along with Fallout 4 might launch, making the event an unforgettable one especially with Bethesda as host.

If that happens gamers will definitely be tuning in or even attending the said event. It is possible that the two games will be out by June 2015 since Bethesda is a big enough game developer to have two epic video games come out in the market at the same time.

The E3 conference will be held on June 16 until 18 and some are eyeing that at one of those dates, either Elder Scrolls 6 will be announced for release or Fallout 4 or even both. Bethesda has also reportedly arranged a specialized press event during the conference which makes the game releases even more possible.

Some are speculating and asking why would Bethesda feel that they need to organize another press conference during a public conference for all games? The answer may be just what everybody has been hoping, that is the release is for two games.