Dancing with the Stars Season 18: Candace Cameron Bure and Partner Mark Ballas Both Severely Injured Before Show Finale (VIDEO)

Former Full House contestant Candace Cameron Bure made it all the way to the finals on "Dancing with the Stars" and just hours before the big show the actress announced that both her and her partner Mark Ballas have suffered injury.

Last week on American Icons week of the dance show, Bure and her partner Ballas danced the foxtrot and a jazz number. The Christian actress let her light shine as she graced the dance floor and it left the judges with nothing but praise for Bure as she made it through into the final round of the competition.

CBS reported that during rehearsals for the finals, Ballas was badly injured due to a complicated maneuver in which he lifts the actress onto his shoulders. After a hospital visit, Ballas has been encouraged to sit out of the finale, but he has insisted he wants to perform.

Bure took to social media to ask for continued prayers for her partner and to let her followers know that she too is hurt.

As for Ballas she said, "I still don't know if he's going to dance tonight, but my hopes are high that he'll push through it. I know how much he wants to dance this last dance as much as I do, together."

Bure then revealed, "I was also injured on a minor scale yesterday and am in a lot of pain today. My back went into spasm and I have a bruised rib."

The mother of three has overcome plenty so far in the competition and maintained that she will get through the finale as well. "I will push through the show, because it must go on... but I really appreciate all your prayers for the two of us today. Not only for the performance, but for our health and that no injury would worsen today during rehearsals."

"I also need strength, physical and mental," she disclosed. "My body hurts so much and the dance is so exhausting that I can't bare to lose my grip or core strength during any of our moves."

Bure attended counseling to help her nerves while on the show and said in her post that she still needs help in that area. "I also need a clear mind to remember my choreography. I practiced for 5 hours yesterday with another dancer in case Mark is unable to dance," she added.

She ended her note by saying, "?Thanks for riding this wave with me and for all your support and prayers."

Keep Bure and Ballas in prayer as she performs tonight on ABC. Watch Bure's performances from last week below, and Vote for her after the show here. The votes tonight and tomorrow will determine the winner of DWTS in tomorrow night's show.

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