Crystal Lewis' New Album Fills the Soul with Life Giving Funky Vibes and a Message of Love [REVIEW]

Crystal Lewis

Legendary Christian singer/songwriter Crystal Lewis is gearing up to release her latest self-titled album tomorrow, and BREATHEcast had the opportunity to hear it first and share our thoughts on the funky vibes.

Kicking off the record, queue the church organ, funky guitars and bass line, Crystal Lewis explodes into the record with "Be Alright" featuring the soulful Anthony Evans as guest vocalist. Over the chorus Lewis layers her voice on becoming almost a choir of one repeatedly encouraging people that everything "will be alright."

Up next is Lewis' single "Faithful" and it continues the groovy almost 70s vibe to it. Lewis' voice, especially on the chorus, stands out as she adds little runs here and there to embellish the vocals. Really light in the background is tiny piano leads and keyboard strokes that can only be heard if listened to closely. These minute sounds are important to filling the presence of the song is completely necessary. Her spirit filled dialogue toward the end serves as a prayer and a rally cry.