'Christian Tingle' A 'Christian Mingle' Parody Site, Takes Hilarious Look at Dating Believers (VIDEO)

YouTube comedy duo Tripp and Tyler have posted a hilarious parody of Christian dating site, Christian Mingle, and in this short clip it shows just how funny being a dating believer can be.

Watching any amount of television at all, it is easy to be bombarded with dating commercials, let alone Christian dating site "Christian Mingle." Since the site's inception, it has been the brunt of many jokes even though it seems to be doing quite well considering that their ads have prime time slots.

As there is of everything, someone finally did a hilarious parody of Christian Mingle and the stereotypes that go along with Christian dating. YouTubers Tripp and Tyler posted a parody testimony video of fake couples Rebecca Esther Sara Bathsheba and John.

The three minute video was able poke fun at the marketing, the strict physical boundaries commonly associated with Christian dating or courting, and other quirks such as finding anything related to mission trips as a very attractive quality in a spouse.

Each line is truly laugh out loud worthy such as Rebecca wanting to save hand-holding till marriage and John stating, "Why else would you go to Africa?" after saying he went on a missions trip.

There was a direct jab at Christian Mingles' tag line, 'Finding God's match for you' at the end as they stated, "If it wasn't for the Father, the Son and Christian Tingle, I wouldn't have met the love of my life." Another line from the video was, "If you're looking for someone to date- other than Jesus- look no further than Christian Tingle."

They even created a fake app that Christian Tingle has that vibrates when your phone switches from portrait to landscape to prevent couples from sinning.

Only around a day old, the comments on YouTube have been positive, such as "So funny. A very good critique on sub-culture" and "I AM CRYING. This is so funny and horrible... Christian Mingle IS THE WORST."

If you need a good laugh to your day, look no further than Christian Tingle.