Christian Artist Moriah Peters Stands Up for Purity; Singer says, 'Virginity is an Honor & Blessing' [VIDEO]

Moriah Peters

Christian pop singer Moriah Peters has always been a great role model for young girls since she waited until her wedding day to have her first kiss. The singer continues to uphold her reputation with a recent Facebook post proclaiming that virginity is an honor.

Peters is now married to Joel Smallbone (For King & Country) but the young singer did not even share a kiss with the musician until their wedding day. Peters was even reportedly eliminated from American Idol after being told "to experience life" and get rid of her squeaky-clean image.

Moriah Peters
(Photo : Pinterest)

On Thursday the 21-year-old encouraged her followers with a message on Facebook of purity and restoration. "Despite what modern culture suggests, virginity is an honor and blessing that is to be prized and protected," Peters wrote, "To those who feel as though they're a "trodden upon garden," believe that God can and will restore, mend and tend to every broken branch, bruised petal and bent stem.

The songstress recently released her much-anticipated album Brave on Provident Label Group showcasing her overall growth as an artist, and person.

"I pray that we would be a BRAVE generation, unafraid to stand out and unashamed to start again," she encouragingly added.

People immediately began to praise the singer for her admirable stance. "What a beautiful role model you are for our youth," on comment on Facebook read. Likewise many parents told Peters that she was a great example for their children. "Thank you for having and keeping such high morals in a world that is very immoral!! I'm PROUD that my daughter looks up to you!!" another commenter said.

Do you agree with Peters stance for purity? Leave your comments below. Her album Brave is now available on iTunes.