'Christ is Risen' Easter Compilation Album by BEC Features Dustin Kensrue, Kings Kaleidoscope, & More; 'Anointed and Inspiring' [REVIEW]

Christ is Risen

Just in time for Easter is BEC compilation album Christ is Risen, featuring the likes of Dustin Kensrue, Kings Kaleidoscope, Citizens & Saints, Ghost Ship, The Sing Team, and Hannah Garvey.

All of the tracks on the album are by artists who are thinking outside of the box in terms of worship music, and the songs are themed appropriately on the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

Opening up the album is Ghost Ships' "Christ is Risen." The meaning of the song is self-explanatory, and this version of it is live. The energy and joy conveyed through the song is great. As the first song it hits listeners with the reason to celebrate right off the bat.

"There is a Fountain" by Citizens & Saints opens up with some synthy arrangements, and features a slight EDM tinge about it. The song talks about Jesus' death washing "all my sins away." The song has a huge feel to it as the message comes across even bigger.

The next is also by Ghost Ship, as they add a deep country feel to "The Gospel." "Oh, oh, look what God has done...through his Son" rings the prechorus as the entire song's message is essentially the gospel message. "By this we are saved" he sings over and over.

"It is Finished," by Dustin Kensrue comes in high tempo with pulsing drums and loud guitars. Kensrue's vocals are soaring in this song, and the choir coming in at the chorus is excellent. This song almost feels like a battle cry for believers, "It is finished He has done it, let your weary heart rejoice...move bravely into battle knowing He has won the war."

Up next is the interesting sounding "How Deep the Father's Love" featuring Hannah Garvey. The song has elements of rock, EDM, and industrial. The song feels a bit like a remix, but is layered nicely with vocals and distorted music. The song centers around the realization of the love required for God to send His only son to die for mankind.

"Mediator" has a nice down south folk feel to it. This song, again by Ghost Ship, is a studio track and quite catchy. "There is only one God, and only one mediator." Jesus is this "mediator" that stands between us and salvation - a powerful message. The build up toward the end of the song is really cool, and the guitars are furiously picking away in the quiet background.

Citizens & Saints are back for their second track with "You Brought Me Back to Life." This song has a super '80s feel to it with all sorts of retro synths and drum patterns being played. They play on Jesus' death and resurrection as being a way to bring us back to life. His life, give us life.

The next track takes being brought back to life even further with The Sing Team's "Because Jesus Christ is Alive." On this song there is one lead singer who sings alongside a "sing team." According to the gospels, Jesus died so we may be freed from our sins and have eternal life. This is the focal point of the song; despite our sin, we live "because Jesus Christ is alive."

Kensrue returns with "Down to the River." This song revisits a classic hymn and adopts the style of what many would call a "negro spiritual." There are no instruments present, just voices in perfect harmony unrelentingly singing their praises. "Down to the River," short and sweet as it may be, really sticks out for all the right reasons on the album.

Citizens & Saints return to do the exact opposite of the last track. "The Strife is Over" hits back in with the electronically programmed instruments and has a bit of a house feel to it. Nevertheless, the song recounts Jesus rising from the dead three days, "alleluia...the King of Kings will always reign."

"Rejoice," by Kensrue is another upbeat song filled with praise, and speaks of God's goodness and mercy. Jesus has risen, so the only thing left for believers is to rejoice in knowing they are saved. "Rejoice, come and lift your hands, raise your voice. He is worthy of all praise," the chorus rings out.

Closing out the album is King Kaleidoscope's "Defender." It comes in with a litany of sounds including percussion and tom hits, along with the harmonious screeches of cello and violin. "Who is the rock but our God. Who's blood has sealed our freedom...Jesus, our Savior, defender, redeemer." "Defender" is the perfect song to close out the album, and K.K. is the perfect band to be given such a job. As always their musicianship brings the life of the song out.

Overall Christ is Risen hits the mark in terms of picking songs that inspire and reflect on the miracle of Easter. All of the singers and bands exude an anointing worthy of such a task, and the eclectic mix of artists ads a little bit of something for everyone.

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