Chris Rock Blasts America's Commercialization of Christmas on SNL; Says it's a 'Season of Materialism' & Jesus Was Far From That [WATCH HERE]

Chris Rock

Chris Rock delivered the opening monologue on this week's episode of 'Saturday Night Live', and after joking about terrorism and the freedom tower, the comedian blasted America for making Jesus' birthday materialistic.

Since the episode aired Saturday night, Rock has been getting some heat for what the media has called his "politically incorrect" opening monologue, but many on social media are agreeing with his statements on Jesus and Christmas.

"It's America, we commercialize everything. Look what we did to Christmas," he declared midway into his monologue, "Christmas is Jesus' birthday! Now I don't know Jesus, but from what I've read, Jesus is the least materialistic person to ever roam the earth."

The Brooklyn raised actor continued to emphasize his point. "Jesus kept a low profile and we turned his birthday to the most materialistic day of the year," he said, "Matter of fact, we have the Jesus birthday season. It's a whole season of materialism."

Rock went on to say that not only is Jesus' birthday over commercialized, people in this country complain that the economy is doing badly after the holiday. "Then at the end of the Jesus birthday season we have the nerve to have an economist come on TV and tell you how horrible the Jesus birthday season was this year," he declared and then mocked a news report," 'OH we had a horrible Jesus Birthday season this year, hopefully business will pick up by his crucifixion.'"

People on Twitter have since quoted Rock's comment about Christmas and Jesus and some even commended the comedian. "Chris Rock made a good point about commercializing Christmas's Jesus birthday though", one tweeted, another said "Chris Rock is right on point about commercializing Jesus' birthday!!!!!"

Actor Kirk Cameron, who is known for being outspoken about his Christian faith apparently, disagrees with Rock since his upcoming movie 'Saving Christmas' is all about indulging in the Christmas festivities including all of the materialism.

What are your thoughts on the season? Is Christmas, the celebration of Jesus in stark contrast to how Jesus was, and is the season bombarded with materialism?

Watch Rock's opening monologue below: