Beyonce Inspired Religion: 'The National Church of Bey' Opens in Georgia with Hundreds in Attendance to 'Worship The Sanctity of Mother Bey' (VIDEO)

"The National Church of Bey," is an organization in Atlanta, Georgia that is now being considered a church, that practices the religion "Beyism." Beyism is the worship of R&B star and singer Beyoncé Knowles.

Although this sounds like a joke and very similar to the church of Yeezianity, the Church founder known as "Minister Diva," Pauline John Andrews stated it is not. On the website created to promote this "church," Andrews said they are "very disappointed in the failure of the public to recognize the existence of a divine deity walking among them."

The organizers reportedly gather every Sunday to sing her songs like they are reading passages out of a Bible. They have their own version of the holy book called "the Beyble," and as stated on the site, it is currently being manufactured. 

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"There were 12 of us," Andrews explained to "We used to gather every Sunday and sing her songs together. One day, while drinking Moscato and smoking Beyha (marijuana), we analyzed one of her songs and came to the realization that Beyoncé is truly divine."

This new movement is allegedly growing with a reported 200 people in attendance. On their site it reads, "As our congregation continues to swell, we ask that you consider what is more real; an invisible spirit on high, or a walking, talking, breathing Goddess who shows you her true form daily."

Andrews explained to that their true numbers rank in the millions. "Whenever you see a large group of women defending the actions of her divine divaness, Bey, they are practicing Beyism."

The "Church" invites people to "worship The Sanctity of Mother Bey-Surbort!" using the word Surbort in substitute of the word Amen.

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The "church" site reads, "As Beyoncé spreads her gospel through song and dance, her message provides uplifting, loving, and many times real-life happenings. We humbly ask you to respect our beliefs, just as you want those to respect yours."

The group invites people to learn more about their religion from their official Tumblr account. Oddly enough the religion is already making headlines.

A member of the "church," Taniya Hattersfield, 23, of College Park, GA was found dead Tuesday morning of self-inflicted stab wounds to the chest. Some reported it was a sacrifice to the pop diva but that claim has not been proven.

Beyonce penned a song telling people to "Bow down" to her. She also carries the title "King Bey" by her supporters, but Beyoncé herself is not believed to be a part of it. She is reportedly aware of the new religion and refuses to endorse or denounce it.

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Do you feel these people are serious, or is it just another way to poke fun at Christians and Jesus?