Arielle Nichole releases "Rest" to Christian radio today

Arielle Nichole - "Rest"
Arielle Nichole - "Rest" |

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (May 21, 2024) - Arielle Nichole’s latest single, "Rest," has officially been released to Christian radio formats, including Christian AC and Christian CHR/Hot AC. Independently produced by Matt Marin and written by Arielle alongside her husband, Taron Church, "Rest" promises to resonate deeply with listeners seeking solace in their faith. This single, encapsulating Arielle's soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics, stands as a beacon of peace in today's tumultuous times.

The song "Rest" was born out of a profound personal experience during a challenging moment in Arielle’s life, marked by intense anxiety and the looming uncertainty of the future. The chorus, a calming mantra, came to life as Arielle found herself grappling with a near-panic attack. Through her lyrics, "Let my mind rest, Let my thoughts slow down, Let my body breathe, He holds me now," Arielle encapsulates the peace she discovered in her faith, turning her turmoil into a source of strength. This song not only reflects Arielle's journey but also serves as a universal call to those battling their personal struggles, reminding them of the tranquility available through faith in Jesus Christ.

Growing up in the serene mountains of Colorado, Arielle Nichole has transformed her early encounters with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive symptoms into a powerful musical expression of her faith. From a young singer in her family’s church to a celebrated Christian Soul-Pop artist, her path has been anything but ordinary. Arielle's music journey is a testament to her resilience and her deep-seated belief in the healing power of faith and music, which she now shares with audiences from the US to Australia.

Arielle’s contributions to Christian music have not gone unnoticed. She is the recipient of the 21st Annual Songwriter of the Year at, a recognition that speaks volumes about her ability to craft lyrics that resonate deeply with listeners. Her debut EP and its accompanying tour have established her as a notable voice in the Christian music scene, known for delivering messages of hope and healing.

With "Rest," Arielle Nichole continues to inspire and uplift her listeners, offering a musical sanctuary where worries dissolve and faith takes the forefront. This song is not just a single but a spiritual journey that beckons listeners to find their own peace and rest in the embrace of their faith. As "Rest" makes its way across Christian radio stations nationwide, it is poised to touch hearts and encourage those in need of a reminder that they are not alone in their struggles.

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