Anna Kendrick News: Actress Talks Turning 30 & Jet Lag at 'Pitch Perfect 2' Premiere

As the awaited sequel to the hit musical film goes to theaters this month, stars of the sequel 'Pitch Perfect 2' are quite busy attending the premiere and interviews including lead star Anna Kendrick who will turn 30 this August. Kendrick apparently thinks turning 30 isn't a big deal and that the upcoming flick will be successful.

For sure Kendrick is definitely excited about the upcoming film which she is the lead actress and singer. But being one definitely puts her in the limelight and there is apparently less time to sleep. During the premiere, Kendrick said, "I can't tell if I'm really jetlagged," of her sleeping hours adding, "but I woke up at three in the morning and, just five minutes ago, I told someone 'goodnight' instead of 'goodbye', so we'll see how this goes."

As busy as her life is now, Kendrick who will turn 30 this August doesn't think that she needs to have a big party to celebrate the big 3-0. "I felt like when I turned 29, I was like, 'Well that's basically 30,'" she told E! News. "So I've been sort of saying that I'm 30 for a year so it's gonna be an easy transition." And when asked if she will be having a grand celebration she responded saying "F**k that, I'm not doing a birthday party."

Meanwhile as 'Pitch Perfect 2' comes to theaters this May 15, a lot are already speculating about whether the film will be successful or not as it is indeed a big pressure living up to the first film. But apparently, Kendrick isn't pressured at all. "To me, it felt like the pressure was off because I knew people wanted to see Pitch Perfect 2," she said."When you do almost every other film, you have no idea if anybody's going to be interested in sitting down and watching your stupid movie," she added.

Director of the hit movie series even joked saying "People keep saying that," Elizabeth Banks said, "It's almost as if they're rooting for us to fail." Hopefully the movie becomes successful despite the other comments claiming that it won't.