12 Stones 1st Release Features Nu-Metal Jam 'Broken'; Evanescence 'Bring Me to Life' Duet Becomes a Classic [Throwback Thursday]

12 Stones

Rock band 12 Stones made a huge splash in Christian music with their self-titled debut in 2002 for Wind Up Records.

Their huge hits that left an impact on not only Christian radio, but also rock radio were "Broken" and "The Way I Feel." The infectiousness of these two tracks, the first being heavy and driving, and the latter being more of a rock ballad, had audiences gushing with excitement for the band.

"Cause I'm broken, You know I need You now" became an anthem sung at youth groups and concerts as the song is an obvious yet, non-explicit cry out to God for help. "I'm broken, take the pain away," lead singer Paul McCoy sings.

Watch "Broken" below:

The opening chords of "The Way I Feel" are so distinct and impressionable even all these years later. The thumping bass and steady drums coupled with that guitar set the mood perfectly for the message of the song. "Cause I hate the way I feel tonight, and I know I need you in my life/Yes, I hate the way I feel inside, and I promise to make the sacrifice," the chorus goes.

Watch "The Way I Feel" below:

Another song that served as a single was the opening track, "Crash," which really just sets the tone for the whole album with heavy guitars and an even heavier metal sounding bridge.

The album mainly swings toward the heavy side with screaming laid throughout. "Fade Away" and "Soulfire" are among the heaviest tracks on the album as McCoy enters his deepest roars.

Over the years, 12 Stones songs have been a WWE favorite for Pay Per Views and promotions, and this album includes many instances of that. The PPV Judgment Day used "Broken" while "Home" was featured as a song for Kurt Angle's WWE Desire video. In "Cheating Death, Stealing Life - The Eddie Guerrero Story', the songs "Back Up" and "Running Out of Pain" were used. "Back Up" returned in 2004 for Shawn Michaels' and Triple H's Hell in a Cell match at Bad Blood 2004, and was also rumored to be the Rock's entrance song before the idea was scrapped.

12 Stones' popularity was also boosted in 2003 by their label mates Evanescence with the release of their album Fallen. McCoy appeared on the band's smash single "Bring Me to Life," singing the counterpoint to Amy Lee's vocals. The song has become a nu-metal staple, and has gone double platinum. The "Bring Me to Life" video is quite popular as well, with McCoy making an appearance there. Interestingly enough, McCoy's vocals on this track are more of a rap than him singing, which garnered comparisons to Linkin Park.

Watch "Bring Me to Life" below:

Today 12 Stones are still alive and kicking despite a number of hiatuses and lineup changes. The band also has survived through the decline of nu-metal/grunge alternative. Their last album was 2012's Beneath the Scars, and according to a recent update on Facebook they are currently in the process of writing some new songs.

12 Stones
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The Way I Feel
Open Your Eyes
Fade Away
Back Up
In My Head
Running Out of Pain
My Life
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