Zayn Malik News, Rumors: Former 1D Member Wants Perrie Edwards Out Of His House?

Perrie Edwards and Zayan Malik
Zyan Malik and Perrie Edwards have called off their engagement. |

In a polarizing announcement, Zayn Malik has said that former fiancée Perrie Edwards has got to move out from the North London home they had shared since 2012.

Zayn, 22, who had already caused waves by breaking up with Perrie, 22, via text, is now demanding that she move her things out of the house that he bought and she moved into five months after their relationship started.

The couple had been together since 2012 and were engaged since 2013, but Zayn called the engagement off in July 2015, just before the Little Mix singer flew to Los Angeles to get ready for the bands U.S. tour.

Perrie was reportedly "devastated" by the breakup, but is now coming to terms with it.

Perrie is now out and about, partying hard in Las Vegas while promoting "Black Magic", the band's new single.

A source confided with Hollywood Life, "She's realized she's better off. She's smiling again."

She's even been a little cheeky in declaring that "Drag Me Down" by One Direction (Zayn's former band) is her favorite summer song.

Although seemingly over the relationship, Perrie has been taking break-up advice from Eleanor Calder, Louis Tomlinson's ex, according to Hollywood Life.

Louis has counseled Perrie on how to deal with high-profile break-ups, including deleting all evidence of the relationship from her social media and not contacting him about anything.

Now Zayn has insisted that Perrie move all her things out of their former love nest.

A source told Daily Mirror, "They no longer speak [and] Zayn is adamant Perrie has to move her stuff out."

Since Edwards is still on tour in America, her parents will probably take her things.