Xbox Games With Gold July 2016 News: Xbox One Games Add ‘Tumblestone’ And ‘Tron Evolution’

Xbox has unveiled a line-up update for its Games with Gold for the Xbox One.

As per Xbox's official page, the Xbox One and Xbox 360 are set to get to dedicated titles, such as The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild's puzzle game "Tumblestone" and Disney Interactive Studio's "Tron Evolution," among others.

According to "Tumblestone's" official website, the title is the first action-puzzle game within the last 15 years. The game allows players to play the game in story mode or race with their friends in multiplayer mode. Players are tasked to solve puzzles, which have progressive level of difficulty. In addition, they have to help a sausage make friends and uncover details on the Tumblecrown.

Meanwhile, "Tron Evolution" is a third person action-adventure video game based on the film "Tron: Legacy." Playable in both singleplayer and multiplayer modes, the title concentrates on acrobatics and combat, integrating elements from the French-based training discipline called parkour and the Brazilian martial art called capoeira.

In line with Xbox's timeline, fans only have until July 15 to download Ubisoft's first-person shooter game "Rainbow Six Vegas 2" and multiplayer video game "The Crew." Meanwhile, Stoic Studio's tactical role-playing game "The Banner Saga 2."

According to Christian Today, the Xbox Games with Gold for August are still uncertain. As per the publication, it is assumed that the August list, is set to be another blend of classic and triple-A game titles and all games can be played on the newest generation Microsoft consoles.

It is further revealed that the titles can be accessed as free downloads for a limited time while some regions may offer other titles based on their availability in the market.