Winds of Winter Release Date & Offical 2014 Announcement Rumors: Eyes Set on August 19 Big Event

While the release date of 'Winds of Winter' is yet to be announced officially, there is a lot of hype that there may be some hints regarding a premier date at an exclusive event with George R. R. Martin and Robin Hobb in London on August 19.

HarperVoyager in the UK, which is one of the publishers of both 'Winds of Winter' and 'A Song of Ice and Fire', is promoting the event to be a "massive" one that will feature a conversation between the two renowned fantasy authors, but many are of the view that the event may offer up hints about the release date of 'Winds of Winter'. However, the actual release date may not be announced during this ticketed event, as it is being organized to release Robin Hoob's latest book 'Fool's Assasin'.

Talking about the upcoming event, Jane Johnson, publishing director of HarperVoyager UK, said, "This is a uniquely exciting event, bringing together two of the greatest storytellers in modern fiction talking candidly about their writing lives. I have worked with them both for years, but in all that time I've never had the chance to eavesdrop on them in conversation: I can't wait."

She further added, "We're thrilled to have George and Robin together for such an event - they are two experts at their craft, and have taken fantasy writing to the widest possible audience through their amazing worlds and characters. HarperCollins is immensely proud to publish both authors. I, for one, am hugely looking forward to attending this event."

However, many believe that the exclusive event on August 19, may possibly be used to make an announcement regarding 'The World of Ice and Fire', and not the 'Winds of Winter'. 'The World of Ice and Fire', which is described as "the never-before-seen history of Westeros and the lands beyond," is expected to be released in October and the pre-order is available already, suggesting that that the event is absolutely in tune with its release plans.

It is also believed that the release date of 'Winds of Winter' will be timed closer to the 'Game of Thrones' Season 5 premiere date, so that both the book series as well as the show support each other from the point of publicity. Considering this, some think that 'Winds of Winter' may be released sometime in 2014 to 2015. Nevertheless, the exclusive event on August 19 will be interesting in terms of whatever little information the fans are going to get. However, doubts still prevail if this is the big announcement that everyone has been waiting for.